Jiquilillo is a small fishing village with huge unspoiled and quiet beaches. You can reach it by Chickenbus bus from Chinandega (1,5 hrs). The last part of the trip is over unpaved road and drives you through the village and national park Padre Ramos.

There is no bank, ATM or supermarkets (just some local pulperias) in the village. So make sure that if you plan to come that you bring sufficiant funds with you.


How to get here:

  • From Managua – take a cab to Mercado Israel and a microbus to Chinandega (2 hours – 46 cordobas). You will arrive in the Bisne Mercado.
  • From Leon – take a microbus to Chinandega (45 minutes – 24 cordobas). You will arrive in the Bisne Mercado.
  • From Bisne Mercado – take a taxi (10 cordobas) to the Mercadito. From there take a bus going to Jiquilillo (2 hours – 22 cordobas). Buses leave at 6:30 – 10:00 – 11:30 – 3:00 – 4:30. Please arrive 30 minutes early to assure a seat!

Go past the village of Jiquilillo about 10 minutes and tell the bus driver (or anyone on the bus – they are from a rural area and want to help you!) that you want to get off at the Rancho Tranquilo in Los Zorros. It is right past the Pulperia called Tina Mata.

Taxi service is also available from Don Augustino cell number 50581410249:

  • Managua Airport to Ranch Tranquilo: $90
  • Chinendega to Ranch Tranquilo: $20
  • Leon to Ranch Tranquilo: $40
  • Ranch Tranquilo to Esteli: $100
  • Rancho Tranquilo to Masada: $120
  • Rancho Tranquilo to Granada: $130
  • Ranch Tranquilo to Rivas: $160
  • Ranch Tranquilo to San Juan Del Sur- $180
  • Ranch Tranquilo to Matagalpa $100